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Birthdate:Jun 30
Website:About Me
My name is Lisa and I am from a planet called Alnilam (it was named after its star, the middle in Orion's belt). I am gigs_83's alter ego. I'm also the better one. ^^ For a full (more or less) biography, click here.

I used to have a family, but a big explosion destroyed them, part of my planet and most of my memories. Now I just travel. A lot. And I fall in love. A lot. :) the_guys is my guys' journal. Click here for the details on how I met 'em.

My list of powers can be found here.

My adventures and misadventures can be found here.

My icons were drawn by my fabulous friends: Ami Tenshi, Ashley Venable, Ashley Wilson, Andrea Brooks, Kristyn Armour and Sallie Drazzi. A few feature my Delphin form. They were made by my alter ego, gigs_83.

One thing: I'm an alien. I am NOT an angel. Remember this, don't piss me off, and we'll get along fine.

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adam newman, alnilam, amp ere, angel, arnold horshack, ax, aximili-esgarrouth-isthill, batman, being immortal, benjamin del ponte, bruce wayne, clark kent, dinosaurs, doc brown, doctors 5 and 8, dragons, flying, ghostwriter, golden mun, goldy, han solo, having powers, jamie, jamie mccrimmon, k9, lieutenant commander data, luke skywalker, luster, marty mcfly, megabyte damon, mr. conductor, my friends, my guys, pegusai, pokemon, radu, rising fog, sailor moon, sam collins, shining time station, superman, the animorphs, the delorean, the doctor, the ghostwriter team, the new ghostwriter team, the people i love, the power rangers, the space cases, the superhuman samurai syber-squad, the sweathogs, the tomorrow people, time travelling, tommy oliver, unicorns, wes, wesley wyndham-pryce
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